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Francesca Naunton
A Professional Instructor at Your Service


I'm a St. Albans based mother and maths tutor with a strong academic background in mathematics and applied mathematics. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and spent the majority of my twenties working in the Aerospace industry. I designed satellites for British Aerospace in Stevenage, UK and Node 2 of the international space station for Alenia Spazio, Italy. In 2002 I joined the police service and undertook a range of uniformed and detective roles retiring in 2021, as a Detective Chief Inspector.

My academic and employment history lends itself to strong skills in mathematical and analytical thinking.  I am not only able to teach maths but also to highlight to students practical applications for what they learn in the classroom. 

As the mother of a child with ADHD and ASD I have a particular interest in tutoring children with either identified or suspected special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). I have successfully tutored pupils with: Level 1 ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety and depression. I tailor my lessons to fit individual learning styles and can build the required confidence for success.

If you think I can help you or a child that you know with maths, then please contact me today to arrange a

 no obligation consultation.

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